Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sweet tips for pregnant bride-to-be

A piece of fabulous maternity wedding dress can be the best gift for a pregnant bride. Nowadays, shotgun weddings are not uncommon. Having baby is a happy thing. The pregnant bride needs to be more careful of taking care of herself.

Tip1. Which style should pregnant bride wear?

Prom style is perfect for the mother-to-be. Prom bridal gown can make the bride look thinner and prettier. The high waist line can divert people’s attention from your belly.

Tip2. Don’t wear high heel wedding shoes.

If you are pregnant, you should consider the health and safety upon fancy appearance.

It is dangerous for pregnant bride to wear high heels. Instead, they should wear comfortable shoes.

Tip3. Say no to strong makeup.
The pregnant is very sensitive and easy to be allergy. Therefore, brides who are pregnant can choose the light makeups

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