Friday, April 27, 2012

Fabulous Sunset in Santorini Island

Do you know which place has the most fabulous sunset on the world? The answer is Santorini Island. 

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Santorini Island is a beautiful island in Aegean Sea. It is said that Santorini Island is the pearl in Aegean Sea. So come to Santorini Island and having a destination wedding. Or visit this place as your honeymoon travel.

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Blue and white are the classic colors of Santorini Island. The fabulous scenery of white house and blue sea gives people the illusion of being in heaven.

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Oia is the best spot to watch the sunset. The vertical cliffs of Oia are very famous. This town is not big. However, when the nightfall is approaching, large group of tourists gather together to restaurants on the top of Oia cliff.

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Watching the beautiful sunset with the one you love is such a romantic thing ever in anyone’s life.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special Table Number for Your Wedding

I am a big fan of DIY things. Today, I find a special way which can make the wedding unusual and eco-friendly. That is the DIY table number.

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This idea is not from mine. I just saw it from other’s website. But I made one by myself. Actually it is easy. But it is also a little dangerous when you make the small holes on the cans.

To make a tin table number can, we may need these materials: used tin cans, a drill, number or letter stencils, candles and spray paints.

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The first thing we should do is to clean the cans and remove the packages. Then you can spray any color you like on the cans.

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Waiting until the cans are dry. Then draw the number on the paper and stick the paper on the body of a can.

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Then you should start to drill the number. The holes are unnecessary to be perfect.

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In the end, you can put a trimmed paper inside your table can. The color of paper is optional.

The can will look beautiful and romantic when the candle is light up.

Monday, April 23, 2012


In my older posts, I once introduced a simple way to make the wedding flags. Today I want to teach you a way to make paper flowers.

Hand-made flowers can be decorated any where you like on you wedding. For example, hang the flowers o the trees. Or combine the flowers together as a special curtain.

Materials we need include:

1.      color papers ( you can choose the color you like)

2.      one pair of scissors

3.      a ball of string

4.      a needle

5.      a bottle glue


1. Fold the paper like the picture 

2. Cut the paper into the shape of flowers

3. Combine the cutting papers into a big flower

4. Using the scissors to cut the green paper into the shape of leaves

5. Sewing the leaves and flowers together

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Elegant bride, charming neck line B

As the famous saying goes, details make the perfect. Showing the neck line is the detail which you cannot ignore.

Today I want to continue the topic of last post. Besides the strapless and off-the-shoulder nick lines, in today’s post, I will introduce another two styles.
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Stand collar

Stand-collar wedding dress requires the bride rises a little bit of her mandible. This will make the bride looks more elegant and formal. Stand-collar bridal gown is suitable for girls who have a small face and long neck. Stand collar can perfectly embody the beauty of the bride’s face.

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The design of one-shoulder bridal gown comes from the Greek Goddess. This type of wedding dress not only emphasis on nature and simple, but also requires the noble charms of the brides.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elegant bride, charming neck line A

Choosing the right wedding dress is the primary task for bride-to-be. The bridal gown, which well embodies the elegant bodyline, is the best decoration for the bride.

As the famous saying goes, details make the perfect. Showing the neck line is the detail which you cannot ignore.

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Strapless bridal gown is the classic style. The most prominent feature of strapless gown is that it completely shows the neck and shoulders of the bride. Girls who are not satisfied with her arms can consider the strapless A-line wedding dress, which can well moderate the proportion from top to bottom. 

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Off-the- shoulder

If you have a sexy and beautiful collarbone, then choosing the off shoulder wedding dress! As off-the-shoulder style covers the shoulder of bride, it may not perfect for girls whose shoulders are wide. It is more suitable for thin girls with narrow shoulders.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Honeymoon, the perfect ending of your wedding

If make wedding ceremony plan is your job which you have to do, then the honeymoon trip can be regard as a reward for the bride and groom. 

Holding a wedding can be a very tough and exhausted case. You need to establish your wedding date, develop your wedding budget, and order everything you need for your wedding and so on. Finally your big day is coming. After the wedding ceremony, the new couples are totally exhausted. The bride and groom really need to have a rest for releasing their stress. That’s why we need a honeymoon.

Having a good plan for you honeymoon is also important. But don’t take it as a mission. Instead, taking it as the perfect ending of your wedding and the hopeful beginning of your marriage. The honeymoon is the time only belongs to you and your newlywed. Spending time together with no interruptions can help you to establish your relationship with your love and help to find out more about each other.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sweet tips for pregnant bride-to-be

A piece of fabulous maternity wedding dress can be the best gift for a pregnant bride. Nowadays, shotgun weddings are not uncommon. Having baby is a happy thing. The pregnant bride needs to be more careful of taking care of herself.

Tip1. Which style should pregnant bride wear?

Prom style is perfect for the mother-to-be. Prom bridal gown can make the bride look thinner and prettier. The high waist line can divert people’s attention from your belly.

Tip2. Don’t wear high heel wedding shoes.

If you are pregnant, you should consider the health and safety upon fancy appearance.

It is dangerous for pregnant bride to wear high heels. Instead, they should wear comfortable shoes.

Tip3. Say no to strong makeup.
The pregnant is very sensitive and easy to be allergy. Therefore, brides who are pregnant can choose the light makeups