Friday, March 30, 2012


The wedding flags can make your friends or family feel being involved in your big day and having shared this special occasion with you. Imagine this, when you walking down the aisle, you see these peaceful flags fluttering in the breeze. How touching your wedding is!
Today I want to share you a simple way to DIY your cute and colorful wedding flags.

All you need are some wooden skewers and half-inch-wide strips of paper. I used some construction paper and colored printer paper I had lying around, but you can use any paper that is lighter than cardstock; since I started off with letter-sized sheets, my strips were 8.5 inches long and I trimmed the ends a little once the flag was assembled.
1. 1/2" strips of colored paper     
2. Wooden skewers        
3. Scissors


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage ring for special you

Vintage engagement rings symbolize romance, timelessness and regality for many people. They cover the period of the Filigree, vintage platinum to retro engagement rings. 

Although some quarters differentiate the circa period of the vintage from the antique, the artistic designs and craftsmanship shown from the 1800s to the 1900s reflect the creativity and brilliance of its circa designers. This type of engagement rings is for a special breed of brides-to-be.
If you are considering an authentic vintage engagement ring or a vintage inspired one for your loved one, be sure to select something she will treasure for many years to come. Or you can find vintage style ring for the one you love.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Show Your Sexy Shoulders

The bride is just like a goddess in Greek mythology to wear the one shoulder wedding dress, charming or sexy. One shoulder style breaks out the common practice of wedding dresses design. The asymmetrical design makes the brides look more beautiful and lovely. The one shoulder wedding dresses are very noble and classical and express the bride’s sexy and charming aspect. The vintage Greek goddess style is very popular this year. And this kind of design could also modify the brides figure.

The flower design and not limited to one type tailor could show the brides indistinct elegant temperament. I believe every bride wants to perform perfect and charming in the big day. So they always spend a lot of time to pick up a piece of special wedding dress. And this kind of asymmetrical one shoulder wedding dress could make you satisfied. 

The using of flower element could express the beauty of collarbone line. Besides the wedding dress, the bride needs to prepare a lot of other wedding accessories. In order to echo the wedding dresses and wedding theme, you should also choose an appropriate hairstyle. Elegant longhair is your best choice. It is vintage but not less the gorgeous feeling. And the wedding jewelries are also very important.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Which dress should your little daughter wear today?

Every mother wants her little girl to be accomplished as princess by others. Appropriate selection is not hard to find .Be sure to bring your little girl with you so she can try on any dresses you may find. You should be careful about the event or occasion. This factor plays an important role. If you don't find anything that catches your eye or your daughter's eye, you can always look online. There are many occasions that a variety of little girls' dresses may be needed.

1. If you are attending a wedding or some other type of formal party and your little girl is invited, try to find the attires that are simple and elegant.

2. If your little girl has a birthday party for a classmate or friend to attend, many department stores carry girls' party dresses that have moderate to low prices.

3. If you are going to a family dinner for a holiday, you should accessorize your little girl accordingly. Girls' pageant dresses would not be appropriate dresses for your little girl. So, you should be careful about the proper selection.

4. If you are having a nice summer picnic, you can find them in the section that has dresses for girls at your local department store. During the summer months, suits are a dime a dozen, especially for little girls!

5. These can also be worn when your little girl is attending an awards ceremony or any other formal event at school.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top suggestions for choosing bridesmaid dresses

Choosing a proper bridesmaid dress is not an easy thing. Dressing too formal or too casual is not polite. Dressing too eye-catching will gild the lily.
The key point of choosing bridesmaid dress is proper and understated. Here are some tips for different size girl to choose different bridesmaid dress.

1. Petite figure
Petite figure female can consider empire style dresses which can spruce the body sharp. The empire dress can be tulle with pleats ruching. The dress length should at least reach the knees. 

2. Long stemmed figure
Usually, tall and slim girls can try all styles of dresses. Especially the mermaid dress can show long-stemmed girl’s shape perfectly.

3. Plump figure
Girls who are plump figure can try Sheath/Column which will makes them look thinner. Remember this: don’t wear high neck dresses. What’s more, the design on waist and crinoline should be as simple as possible.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tips for choosing color of bridesmaid dresses

Pink bridesmaid dresses
Pink is an indispensible color for the wedding. However, if the pink maid dress is too flamboyant may not be serious and suitable on the wedding occasion. Therefore, it must be careful of the shades of pink. Bridesmaids should wear mature and graceful. You can consider silk dresses if you want to romantic style.
Yellow bridesmaid dresses
Yellow also can be divided into different levels. And it will have different effects with different kind of yellow dresses. Velvet yellow is suitable for the bridesmaid dress. You can consider using other colors to match with yellow.

Green bridesmaid dresses
Green is suitable for clothes which are skin-revealing, like strapless, one-shoulder, halter, spaghetti strap and off shoulder dresses. Green bridesmaid dresses are perfect for the spring wedding.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rococo style wedding dress is coming

The classic style of Rococo is coming back in fashion world. So is the wedding dress. Rococo style becomes the new favorite of wedding dress design. 

Rococo is an artistic style in eighteenth century Paris. It influenced several aspects of the arts including painting, sculpture, architecture, interior design, decoration, literature, music and theatre. Rococo is also referred as Late Baroque. Unlike the more politically-focused Baroque, the Rococo had more playful and often witty artistic themes. 

According to my understanding, if people take Baroque as the symbol of man and power, Rococo is definitely classic representative for woman. So it couldn’t be better that we put some Rococo things into a wedding dress. For example, the romantic ruffles, crowed handmade flowers and delicate laces. Rococo style seems understanding the mind of women. I believe that’s the reason why Rococo wedding dress is so popular recently.