Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Must-Have Bridal Accessories for the Perfect Wedding Look

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is what the bride is wearing. Hours upon hours are spent in search of the ultimate wedding gown. The gown is not the only important element of the bride's attire. Bridal accessories are used to complement the look and tone of the bride at her wedding. Many bridal accessories are available, but it is important to know what subtly complements the wedding gown so the bride may look her best. Below, you will find "must-have" bridal accessories:

Bridal Jewelry:
Bridal jewelry is a "must-have". Whether it's an exquisite necklace that complements the neckline of the dress, a fashionable bangle, or classy earrings, jewelry can always be utilized. There are many options for jewelry such as rhinestones, pearls, diamonds, or gold, which is dependent upon the brides preference and affordability. The Swarovski crystals are a current favorite among modern brides. Aside from necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, brooches are also available that can be placed on a satin belt or placed directly on the gown for the perfect touch guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

Bridal Hairpieces:
Bridal hairpieces are often a favorite among brides. There is a wide variety of hairpieces and headbands to choose from to fit the personal style of the bride or the style of the gown. If a sleek look is desired, bridal headbands are the optimal choice. There are metallic headbands or satin ribbon. These are also available with crystal studs, rhinestones, pearls, or with feathers or floral designs. Another choice is the bridal hair comb. These are small combs that are typically used to decorate an up-do. These hair combs are also available with rhinestones, crystals, pearls, or feathers - whichever you prefer.

Bridal Belts:
Bridal belts complement both the bride and her wedding gown. Belts can be extremely flattering to make a bride look slender and fit. There are a great variety of belts for brides to choose from. There are satin belts available accessorized with crystals or rhinestones or pearl studded belts. These belts keep the look extremely classy without drawing too much attention away from the bride although most of the attention is already turned to her. For any bride, belts add shape, complementing the bride and ensuring she looks her best on her wedding day. They have recently become more popular and they can be the perfect addition to a beautiful, yet simple wedding dress.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Do's and Dont's for Wedding Shoes

Suppose you find the perfect wedding dress, what about your shoes? Have you given thought to how they compliment the dress, are they too low, too high? If you haven't given serious thought to them, then you should. They not only need to compliment the dress, but they should also be a nice fit.

Both dress and shoes play a critical role in your wedding. First, you should always try on your wedding dress with the shoes. Many dresses have a long train and are hard to walk with. You wouldn't want to trip at your wedding! The basic rules for buying the shoes are, you should have no difficulty walking in them, climbing stairs and dancing.

When it comes to heels, it's true that many women prefer a higher heel to give them the feel of sexiness, elegance and style. But, there are many low or flat heeled shoes that can have the same effect. If you insist on high heels, but are not used to walking in them, you should practice before the wedding in your house. And, if you are going with higher heels, make sure they are the most comfortable fit you can find. A sore foot would be no fun at your own wedding! Another thing you can do if you are definitely going to wear heels, is to bring a flat pair of shoes that you can change into at some point during the wedding.

If you gown is going to cover your feet, and you know for sure they will not be seen, then why not go with a flatter shoe? A few years ago, the trend was for brides to wear flip flops! And I know some who even wore running shoes!

Believe it or not, there are wedding shoe specialists who can help you choose the perfect shoe! They can be quite pricey, but i suppose in the scheme of things, when you are spending so much money anyway, what's one more expense to make sure you have the best day of your life! The specialists can help you to match the color of the shoe to your dress, they can help you to choose the fabric of the shoe, they will make sure the fit is right. They can also help you with your accessories. As we all know, it's the little things that add up to make everything perfect. Your wedding day should be as special and unique as you are!

You should make every aspect of your big day as perfect as possible so it will leave wonderful memories for you and your guests.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Makeup From Beauty Salons

Bridal party makeup should be planned after everything else. If you really want to look your best, then your makeup should be coordinated with your dress, the flowers, lighting and other design aspects of the wedding chapel. Think about what you are wearing and the styling choices from a photography standpoint as well. Some colors just don't show up well together on film. If you are dead set on a particular scheme, try using accents like scarves or jewelry to accessorize.

To really get it down, before the wedding, take pictures in the venue with the colors that will be there. Dark colors show up well if paired with say a white flower basket. To keep your skin radiant, don't punish it in the week of the wedding. Denver hair salons may advise spray tanning instead of sun tanning. Check the coat beforehand to see how it looks. Sun damages skin after extended exposure. Try to stay with a regimen you trust instead of experimenting with new cosmetics. You do not want to realize that you are allergic to x cosmetic at the last minute. Powerful scrubs and exfoliating treatments should also be avoided.

To eliminate chapped lips, start applying Vaseline a month before the wedding. Sugar and water are also very good at moisturizing skin and lips. You do not need any expensive cosmetics, but check Denver hair salons to see if they have any recommendations for your skin. Always pencil line your lips to help keep the lipstick from bleeding. Heat, kissing family, toasts and other unknown bridal happenings have a tendency to smear lipstick. You can use a light lip color with a clear gloss to bring an illusion of large full lips. Dark colors tend to minimize lips.

For those who wear eye wear, remember that lenses change the size of your eyes. Near sighted glasses make your eyes smaller while far sighted ones are like magnifying glasses. Do your eye makeup with the stylist at a Denver hair salon so they can help you balance out the effect of glasses. Remember that even if your eyes look a little dramatic in person, they will probably show up well in photographs. This is the reason for stage makeup. The only thing you should avoid is sparkly makeup because it can reflect too much light from camera flashes. If your Denver salon stylist is not available the day of the wedding, you will need to have a wedding day makeup kit. Some staples are tissues and cotton balls, concealer, eye shadow, pencil and clear lip gloss. You can also bring a bridal party wedding emergency kit with everything you could possibly need in an emergency.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for 2012 Weddings

May and September tend to be the busiest months of the year for weddings in the UK, and if you are one of the lucky ones marrying your sweetheart this year, why not take advantage of the rainy weekend, stay indoors, and book your dream honeymoon holiday to somewhere warm and exotic!

Mauritius is not just one of our favourite honeymoon destinations; it tops most other lists too! A paradise bathing in the Indian Ocean, it is perhaps the most romantic holiday spot in the world. Sophisticated resorts with endless spa treatments, powder white sandy beaches, warm sunshine, and indulgent dining venues - what more could newlyweds want!

The Caribbean attracts honeymooners from all over the world, and with such an amazing choice of beautiful islands, it is no wonder that it remains such a popular destination. If we were to choose one island for a truly romantic honeymoon, it would have to be Anguilla. Laid back, relaxed, and breathtakingly beautiful, this tiny island has it all.

Santorini, Greece
The Greek Islands are picture-postcard perfect during the summer months, and Santorini with its stunning blue and white buildings, cobbled streets and abundance of wild flowers is a wonderful place to spend a romantic holiday with a loved one.

South Africa
Those looking for something a little bit different should consider South Africa for their honeymoon. Combining a city break, a wine tasting tour and perhaps a safari, is a great way to celebrate your marriage, and you could always add-on a week in neighbouring Mauritius to get the best of both worlds!

If your honeymoon is going to be your 'holiday of a lifetime', why not take the plunge and head down under to Australia! A magnificent country that has something for everyone, Oz is a wonderful place to visit, and there is nothing more romantic that drinking a glass of wine together while watching the sun set over Ayres Rock.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Designer Bridal Sarees Work for Multiple Occasions

Searching for the perfect bridal saree can be a challenge if a person is unsure where to start her search. Designer wedding sarees in beautiful and brightly-colored fabrics with hand-stitching and quality materials are sometimes difficult to come by. That is why we have introduced affordable and beautiful sarees carefully-crafted for women who want to look and feel their very best for formal occasions.

Sarees and Accessories for Weddings
Lightweight cotton material ensures that any new bride will look and feel extraordinary for hot summer weddings. Indian-style fashions for wedding gowns introduce exotic and authentic dresses and sarees for all women involved in a wedding. From the bride to the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and the reception helpers, choosing beautiful designer sarees that are available online will make shopping for wedding apparel a simple and enjoyable task.

Selecting the perfect bridal saree can transform the way a woman looks on the day of her wedding. Every bride wants to look back on wedding photos and realize just how beautiful she was in her wedding gown. Designer wedding sarees are offered in a multitude of styles, colors, beaded patterns, and designs so that women of all sizes and personal preferences will be able to select from hundreds of dresses to choose the one that is made specifically for her.

Sarees for Multiple Occasions
India fashions and styles are well-known for beautiful trim, interesting patterns, elegant stitching, and unique combinations of complementing colors. Sarees are available for women not just for weddings, but for all types of formal and semi-formal occasions. Purchasing a lehenga saree or a salwar kameez online makes it simple to order a beautiful dress and have it shipped to your doorstep in just a few days.

Affordable pricing for a designer salwar kameez or a lehenga saree allows women to purchase a dress that will flatter her figure and make a personal fashion statement without spending a lot of money. Ready-made sarees that are beautiful, luxurious to the touch, and easy to care for give women contemporary new items for their wardrobe. Adding a few elegant sarees to a closet makes it possible for a woman to be ready to dress to impress and look elegant and beautiful at any last minute special event or occasion.

The Best Saree Deals Online
Finding the best saree deals by shopping online provides convenient shopping and a large selection of brightly-colored and elegant sarees to choose from. From bold and vivid patterns to soft and romantic patterns and colors, there are exquisite choices of saree collections made by Indian fashion designers for women of all ages. Taking advantage of wholesale, discounted prices on name brand dresses, sarees, scarves, and accessories has never been as easy as it is when you shop online for luxurious wardrobe items.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beauty Tips For a Modern Bride

Every bride wants to look her best on her special day. Getting married is definitely an appropriate excuse to want to dress well for the occasion. Most brides want a celebrity look for their wedding day, but some have a difficult time pulling it off. With a little direction and a dose of reality, it's not impossible to look like a celebrity on your wedding day. Below you will find a list of beauty tips that may help you achieve the look that you want for your special day.

While it was designed to help cover blemishes, uneven skin tones, pimples, wrinkles, and age spots, make-up works best as a polisher for reasonably healthy skin. In order to get the best results for your make-up it is best to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet to achieve a great look. While bridal jewelry will accent your wedding gown, foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick will accent your facial features. If you plan on getting a facial, it is best to allow at least 48 hours before your wedding day to clear up any redness or skin irritations resulting from the facial.

In order to ensure that your hairdo coordinates well with your wedding dress, it is best to choose your hairstyle after you have decided on your wedding gown. Up do's work better with higher necklines and halter dresses, while off the shoulder and plunging necklines work well with long flowing curls, waves, or straight hair.

Bridal Gown
There are several beautiful bridal gowns on the market, however, each have been designed with a specific body type in mind. Whether you have a pear-shape or hourglass figure, it is important to choose the gown that looks best on you. Don't be afraid to settle on a plain bridal gown--you can always embellish it with bridal jewelry!

Bridal Jewelry
Choosing the right accessories will help any bride to complete her look. Wearing bridal jewelry is the perfect way to add elegance and style to your bridal attire. Keep in mind that Ivory wedding gowns look best with gold accents and stark white gowns are better accentuated with silver/platinum jewelry.

It doesn't take a lot of money to achieve the look that you want for your wedding day. As a modern bride, you have every right to look beautiful. Remember, beauty can be achieved with simplicity and elegance.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

3 Important Dressing Tips To Make Your Bridesmaids Fashion

Bridesmaid dresses should be chosen according to the overall body appearance of the bridesmaid and not according to brides own choice. If the bridesmaid dress happens to be wrongly chosen, then the discomfort that will be experienced by the bridesmaid will be automatically seen on her face while wearing it. When you are shopping for the bridesmaid formal gown design, think as if you are going to wear the dress. If you have a positive and open minded approach, you will end up buying a wonderful and comfortable dress for the bridesmaid. There are certain tips to be taken into consideration while deciding to purchase a dress for the bridesmaid. They are as follows:

1) Choose the right color:
The color of the dress that you choose for the bridesmaid should complement the bridesmaid skin tone. You may allow the bridesmaid to dress up in different style according to her figure. But ensure that she uses creative colors for her dress.

2) Concentrate on the dress pattern:
You can choose simple patterns on one side of the dress and the rest part of the dress could consist of complementing colors. It also depends upon the place where you are getting married. Example, instead of using solid colors, the bridesmaid could wear a dress of swirling pattern, which would reflect the sea where she would wed. You could also choose gingham patterns if you want to reflect your country - themed wedding. However, keep the pattern of the bridesmaid dress as simple as possible. Too many patterns on the dress will spoil the overall appearance of the bridesmaid.

3) Take the season into consideration:
Pay attention to the season during which the bridesmaid have to wear the dress. For example, if the bridesmaid wears a long sleeve style dress during summer time, she is likely to suffocate during the wedding occasion. On the other hand, no one would prefer to wear a dress which is having short sleeve, when it is snowing outside. If the bride wants her wedding to be as close to perfection, then she should also give importance to the bridesmaid gown. Everyone needs to look good, including the bridesmaid. A perfect bridesmaid dress will truly compliment the bridesmaid dress in a very elegant manner. Hence, bridesmaid dresses are equally important in any wedding.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Butterflies As a Wedding Theme

Themed wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions are fast gaining popularity amongst a wide variety of couples. This is actually a variation on more traditional weddings which were largely dictated by custom or family history, and now you can come up with more or less any theme idea you can imagine. Modern wedding themes can be centred on anything you like; fairytales, garden flowers, Hawaiian beaches, Valentines and cupids or anything else! If you are looking for a theme which is elegant and romantic as well as whimsical, consider the increasingly popular butterfly wedding theme.

It may seem strange to have an insect as a wedding theme - you probably wouldn't be keen on the idea of theming your wedding after a spider or a bluebottle, after all - but butterflies are beautiful creatures. Their wings are often brightly coloured and beautifully patterned, and they flutter through the air softly and gracefully, so really they make a wonderful symbol for a happy wedding day after all! They can even be a metaphor for the bride and groom emerging from their "cocoon" of engagement as beautiful butterflies at the wedding ceremony, which can be a very romantic image indeed.

So grab a cup of tea and a comfy chair and visualise this theme: a beautiful spring garden filled with romantic music on your sunshine-filled wedding day. The venue is full of colourful butterfly motifs for the wedding theme on everything that is visible - wedding flowers, ring pillows, candles, tablecloths, napkins and everything else that will be there. You can have butterflies on your bridal accessories as well as those of your bridesmaids, and keep the same signature colours for your bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses too. You could even be daring and look at a temporary (or even permanent!) butterfly tattoo in henna or ink as well.

A butterfly garden can make a lovely wedding venue and will keep the theme of the wedding running through everything on the big day, including your photographs and wedding favours. You could use butterfly shaped chocolates or biscuits, or have butterfly designs stencilled onto wrappers and boxes for other gifts and accessories. Don't forget your wedding stationary, as you'll definitely want to have a butterfly motif on the invitations too, and even if you don't want (or can't find) a butterfly shaped wedding cake, you can get your cake decorated with icing stencils or even little sugar sculpted butterflies to match it to your theme.

As you can see, a butterfly wedding theme is incredibly flexible with plenty of scope for your own ideas on designs, layouts, colours, flowers and all the little finishing touches like candlesticks, placeholder pins and even little porcelain or crystal ornaments as mementos for your guests. You can even get lovely butterfly designs on your wedding balloons! So let your imagination fly free just like a butterfly and you'll soon have a beautifully planned wedding theme that will make your special day truly memorable and magical.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fashion Beauty Tips For Flat Bridal Shoes

Flat bridal shoes. At first that could provoke a boring mental picture, but only if you have not looked at the endless variety of wedding ballet flats. It is dazzling, in fact overwhelming to browse through the many styles, colors, plain or print, leather (suede included), or even sporty looking designs. And many by the top shoe fashion artists.

There are practical reasons for choosing flat shoes for your wedding. Easier on the sole of foot muscles, which will walk you down the aisle, and bear your weight at the perhaps long and challenging reception line, if your groom has a huge family....

During the reception and dinner, you will be getting up and down all the time. If you wear four inch heels and kick them off when you sit down, you'll be groping for them every time a speech is demanded.

If you choose flat shoes for your bridesmaids, I guarantee it they will be forever grateful. They have just as long a day as you do - in fact longer! Many brides leave the wedding early for their honeymoon leaving the wedding party and guests dancing all night. Flat shoes can convey the very edge of designer fashion, while feeling like bedroom slippers!

After your wedding, all can wear their wedding ballet flats for many occasions.

In particular, white, black, ivory, silver and gold ballet flats can be matched with jewelry. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets can easily be chosen to go with your wedding party outfits.

Many ballet flats come in designs with two or three colors, particularly mixtures of metallic shades. This allows a mix and match choice of jewelry for bride and bridesmaids. Some women look better in the colder shades of white, silver, or white gold. Others glow handsomely in the warmer gold, copper and bronze tones.

While mixing these hues for jewelry, all can wear the same flats!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Long Hair Updos for Bridesmaid

Whilst it's easier to style long hair, it's important to choose a look that will match and blend with that of the bride. As I previously alluded to, right now, the big fashion tip is that curls are IN! Read any popular fashion magazine these days, and they are constantly tipping the natural look, with tumbling, big curls as the style that is going to be popular at weddings this year. To create these big, bouncing curls you can do it two different ways.

Firstly, you can use a large barreled curling iron:
1. Start by spraying your hair with a heat protection spray, then tie up two thirds of your hair.
2. Pick a section of hair about 3cm by 3cm and wrap the hair around the curling iron.
3. Hold for about 10-15 seconds, and then leave.
4. If this has not worked, wait for the iron to heat up even more, and try again.
5. Do your whole head with this method, and then cover with a light natural-looking hairspray to keep it in place.

Secondly, you can use large hot rollers:
1. Choose sections of hair about 3cm by 3cm to create the perfect look.
2. Work from the top downwards, curling the wet hair onto the rollers, and secure with a grip.
3. Wait until the hair is dried and then remove the rollers.
4. Set with a light shine hairspray

As you can tell, curls and waves are definitely hot right now thanks to celebrity influence, so why not incorporate this look into your bridesmaid hairstyle? Just make sure you solicit feedback from people you trust, practice doing your hair several weeks in advance, and coordinate with the bride every step of the way. Follow this advice and no matter what, you'll be good to go!