Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Do's and Dont's for Wedding Shoes

Suppose you find the perfect wedding dress, what about your shoes? Have you given thought to how they compliment the dress, are they too low, too high? If you haven't given serious thought to them, then you should. They not only need to compliment the dress, but they should also be a nice fit.

Both dress and shoes play a critical role in your wedding. First, you should always try on your wedding dress with the shoes. Many dresses have a long train and are hard to walk with. You wouldn't want to trip at your wedding! The basic rules for buying the shoes are, you should have no difficulty walking in them, climbing stairs and dancing.

When it comes to heels, it's true that many women prefer a higher heel to give them the feel of sexiness, elegance and style. But, there are many low or flat heeled shoes that can have the same effect. If you insist on high heels, but are not used to walking in them, you should practice before the wedding in your house. And, if you are going with higher heels, make sure they are the most comfortable fit you can find. A sore foot would be no fun at your own wedding! Another thing you can do if you are definitely going to wear heels, is to bring a flat pair of shoes that you can change into at some point during the wedding.

If you gown is going to cover your feet, and you know for sure they will not be seen, then why not go with a flatter shoe? A few years ago, the trend was for brides to wear flip flops! And I know some who even wore running shoes!

Believe it or not, there are wedding shoe specialists who can help you choose the perfect shoe! They can be quite pricey, but i suppose in the scheme of things, when you are spending so much money anyway, what's one more expense to make sure you have the best day of your life! The specialists can help you to match the color of the shoe to your dress, they can help you to choose the fabric of the shoe, they will make sure the fit is right. They can also help you with your accessories. As we all know, it's the little things that add up to make everything perfect. Your wedding day should be as special and unique as you are!

You should make every aspect of your big day as perfect as possible so it will leave wonderful memories for you and your guests.