Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashion Bride, Being Different

In modern time, to huge amount of bride, fashion, unique and personality are the primary factors of choosing a wedding dress. This year, black sash style is the new trend of bridal gowns.

If you are sensitive, you will find that super stars, who got married this year, choose black sash or black belt  dress as their wedding gowns. In the leadership of designer, Vera Wang, black appears as a new element in the design of wedding dresses.
In speaking of black color, it represents dark and depressive meaning in general concept. However, just because the black color’s existence, good things can be better. For instance, a white beauty with shiny black hair, the twinkle stars on dark night sky, red roses grow in black soil. In fact, black, itself, has the magical charm.

About wedding dress, the use of black is a very smart idea. The white shows up against the black. Designer applied black lace or satin on bride’s waist line will make the wedding dress more fashion and special. Black sash is a fantastic ornament. No matter you tie it as a black bow or a black rose; it will make the bride’s body line more glamorous and feminine.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fashion Bridal Gowns for Amazing You

Moon light is such a beautiful thing just like the poetry describes. Do you want to be just the same fancy like a moon goddess on your wedding?

Just like the poem says:
The clear sky seems to glow,
with the moon so big and bright.
Lighting up our hill sides,
with an iridescence light.

The shadows hide amongst the trees,
whilst I listen to the gentle breeze.
A night time opera in front of me,
a magical moment under a grand marquee.
The beauty within our heavens light,
fills me with a passion a deep delight.
Lakes sparkle from shore to shore,
a beauty no one could ever ignore.
              ------Moonlight Nights
                 by Bernard Howe

Today I want to share you a set of moonlight theme wedding dresses for you.
Bridal gown1: crystal organza & tulle, mermaid, beaded sweetheart, corset closure, handmade floral
bridal gown 1

Bridal gown2: Lace/Net/Satin, mermaid, layers of corded embroidered lace, v-back, semi cathedral train

bridal gown 2

Bridal gown 3: I like the Ivory-Blush Pink of this dress. This style is a luxurious tulle and crystal organza ball gown featuring layers of handmade leaves, flowers, and taffeta petals. The bodice has gorgeous beading throughout, along with a subtle illusion sweetheart neckline.

bridal gown 3

Bridal gown 4: This fit and flares features romantic cascading layers of organza, tulle, and point descript. The satin bodice features silver embroidery, beading, and Swarovski crystals throughout.
bridal gown 4

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tea Length Wedding Dresses- Popular Choice For Fashion Brides (2)

As summer is coming, tea length wedding gowns start to lead the trend. To our modern bride, a tea length wedding gown which is simple and chic is absolutely a perfect choice.   

photo from

Tea length bridal dress is longer than the cocktail one. Usually, the end of the dress reaches the calf of the bride. Basically it is two inches above the bride’s ankle. Some times four inches above is also ok.

photo from

There are a lot of good reasons that more and more brides choose tea length wedding gowns.

First of all, you may easily find that tea length wedding gown is easy to keep because the edge of the dress doesn’t touch the floor. So bride who chooses tea length style doesn’t need to worry about her white dress being dirty.

photo from

Brides who are planning to have outdoor wedding, for instance, on the beach, or in the garden, will love the tea length wedding dresses. This kind of style can enable the bride walking freely without worries.

photo from

Second, there are different necklines of tea length bridal gowns. So brides who choose tea length dresses still have a lot of options. For example, if you want to look sexy on your big day, you can choose a tea length wedding gown with V-neck or halter neckline.

photo from

Third, a tea length dress may cost you less than other styles. Tea length wedding gowns don’t have too much complicated decorations. Usually they are less expensive that gowns with large trains.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tea Length Wedding Dresses- Popular Choice For Fashion Brides (1)

All fashion brides look here! Nowadays, when it comes to choosing wedding gowns, our brides do have various options.
photo from
For example, let’s just talk about the outlines of bridal gowns. There are strapless wedding dresses, halter wedding dresses, sweetheart wedding dresses, V-neck wedding dresses, one shoulder wedding dresses.

photo from

However, find a piece of wedding dress which looks perfect on you is never an easy task. Do you know which style of bridal gowns is the most popular one? Do you want to be a fashion bride?

photo from

As summer is coming, tea length wedding gowns start to lead the trend. To our modern bride, a tea length wedding gown which is simple and chic is absolutely a perfect choice.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fan Bingbing lighted up the 65th Cannes Film Festival

Brides who prepare for the wedding dresses often find inspirations from super stars’ dressing. 

photo from

Today, let’s enjoy a set of photos from a Chinese super star. She is Fan Bingbing.

photo from

On this year’s opening ceremony of the 65th Cannes Film Festival, Fan Bingbing, becomes the focus of all the cameras. 

photo from

She wears an astonishing Chinese style dress to attend the opening ceremony. 

photo from

This dress is designed based on the idea of Chinese porcelain. 

photo from

The hairstyle of Fan is also special. It is the ancient Chinese maid’s hair style.
photo from

photo from

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Four Ivory bridal gowns for you

Ivory wedding dresses always give people the impression of elegance. Today I want to introduce you four different types ivory wedding dresses.

The following four bridal gowns are selected from Jim Hjelm Blush Fall 2012 bridal collection, designed by Hayley Paige.

bridal gown 1

1. Ivory Floral metallic lace modified A-line bridal gown with tulle illusion straps forming a V in the front and back, tulle bow accented at natural waist with chapel train.

bridal gown 2

2. Ivory Strapless retro cotton lace bridal gown with dropped waist bodice and two tiered skirt, thin satin bow accented at natural waist and chapel train.

bridal gown 2

3. Ivory Silky Taffeta fit-to-flare bridal gown with asymmetrically draped elongated bodice, V neck and back with metallic lace and organza petals accentuating natural waist and chapel train.

bridal gown 3
4 Ivory Strapless crepe fit-to-flare bridal gown with draped sweetheart bodice, sheer tulle overlay with scalloped lace hem and thin satin ribbon bow with lace detailing at natural waist and chapel train.

Monday, May 14, 2012

White bridal hair ornaments for you

Recently, I do some work on bridal decorations. I find that, a perfect wedding dress requires a set of things to be matched. In my last post, I introduce you the vintage bridal ornaments.

The whole set includes a piece of bridal gown, a pair of wedding shoes, a bouquet and the matched hair decorations.

Traditionally, the decoration is bridal veil. As the fashion trends change nowadays, bridal veils are simplified or gradually replaced by other hair ornaments.

Today I want to share a collection of white hair decorations to all the brides-to-be. I especially fancy the white feather hair ornament.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage hair decorations for bride

I love vintage style things! As to myself, I’m a person who is interested in long forgotten pieces of history. Today I want to share various hair decorations which are suitable for brides.

photo from

To brides who want to look best on her wedding, a piece of fancy dress is very important. What’s more, hair decorations can add more charm for bride and her wedding dress. 

photo from

Vintage means “something old”. I’m a person who is interested in long forgotten pieces of history. To me, the vintage style decorations are very cool.

photo from
I really hope these stylish hair ornaments can inspire you something about your wedding.
photo from

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ready to wear, 2012 Atelier Aimée Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress design is always a hot topic among brides. Italy is a romantic country where raises up many top wedding designers.
photo from

Fans of wedding dresses must hear of Atelier Aimée. It is a company in Italy. Atelier Aimée is world renowned for its creation and production of bridal gowns.

photo from

Atelier Aimée, the world famous wedding dress company, is founded in 1961, Italy. Its top artist director and designer, Lucia Zanotti, has high ability of wedding dress inspirations.

photo from

Today I want to show you the 2012 collection of Atelier Aimée Wedding Dresses.

photo from

I am sure you will agree that your wedding gown is likely to be one of the most important dresses you wear in your lifetime.

photo from

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fancy veils for U

Dating back to BC10 ago, wearing a veil became a custom on wedding ceremony. At very beginning, the bridal veil is the symbol of purity and virgin.

In ancient Greek, the bridal veils were made of wools or linen. By Roman times, people of different religious beliefs wear different color veils to show the first distinction. Since the Middle Ages, the nobles of the court began to use Corolla which is decorated with pearls or diamonds.

   As time passed by, styles and materials of bridal veils are become various. There are classic, romantic, modern styles and so on. 

One thing unchanging is that the touching moment on wedding. What a sweet scene when the groom lifts the veil of his bride.