Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashion Bride, Being Different

In modern time, to huge amount of bride, fashion, unique and personality are the primary factors of choosing a wedding dress. This year, black sash style is the new trend of bridal gowns.

If you are sensitive, you will find that super stars, who got married this year, choose black sash or black belt  dress as their wedding gowns. In the leadership of designer, Vera Wang, black appears as a new element in the design of wedding dresses.
In speaking of black color, it represents dark and depressive meaning in general concept. However, just because the black color’s existence, good things can be better. For instance, a white beauty with shiny black hair, the twinkle stars on dark night sky, red roses grow in black soil. In fact, black, itself, has the magical charm.

About wedding dress, the use of black is a very smart idea. The white shows up against the black. Designer applied black lace or satin on bride’s waist line will make the wedding dress more fashion and special. Black sash is a fantastic ornament. No matter you tie it as a black bow or a black rose; it will make the bride’s body line more glamorous and feminine.

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