Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Victoria’s Secret Bride Collection

For most brides the wedding day is all about the dress. But what about what lies beneath? Victoria’s Secret’s will get your intimates sorted for your big day with their über sexy range of bridal lingerie. Stunning Candice Swanepoel models the latest line up of lacy, white smalls.

Victoria’s Secret offers the newest bridal collection for 2012.

The fashion label Victoria’s Secret is also believed to brides. If we love wearing his intimate outfits every day and in those instances that matter most, why not show off too special lingerie that the U.S. brand has included in its special collection Victoria’s Secret Bride?

VS has decided to dedicate to future brides a wide range of bras, briefs, but also other garments and accessories that can not miss the look of every woman who goes to the altar to swear eternal love to her prince charming!
The collection consists of beautiful white outfits, to pair with our wedding dresses white. Delicious briefs offering a veil in the back, while those embellished with irresistible glamor and feminine details like delicate ribbons. Not just white, but, for the brand, which has also declined in other lingerie pastel shades that become irresistible. Among the bras, there’s also the classic band, but also other style solutions to meet every need of look! In addition to the intimate outfits, the collection also offers nightwear clothing and camis to make the most intriguing and sensual wedding night.