Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top 7 Short Wedding Hairstyles

There are gazillions of photos of brides and of weddings on the internet. Literally gazillions. You can browse pictures of table settings, buttonholes, garters, dresses and cufflinks all day, but for some reason when it comes to finding pictures of brides with short hair, an unfruitful Google search usually ensues.

A lot of brides, even those with long hair, opt for extensions to create length and volume for their chosen bridal style, or to accommodate their veil or any other hair accessory they plan to wear. Professional extensions look lovely for updos and of course if you want to wear them, go for it. However, you shouldn’t feel that you have to!

Today we're sharing with you seven brides and bridesmaids who rocked their short hair styles on the big day and looked amazing!
Short and slick bobs were the perfect cuts to add dramatic headpieces. Tara's floral and pillbox hat headband complimented an understated and glamourous Valentino dress. Louise's Gatsby-esque feather and gold cap with diamond embellished birdcage veil showed off her daringly coloured hair and lips in all their bright glory!

Floral pins and plaits create a beautiful, light boho look for short hair. The plait, loosely tied looks feminine and neat while the small roses add a little romance to the look.
Cute and feminine waves were the perfect accompaniment to a soft square neck and capped sleeves wedding dress. Her headpiece added just the right amount of modernity to finish off a romantic, Pride and Prejudice style look.
Slick, dark, graduated bob complemented her almost gothic-style make-up perfectly. An ornate and delicate lace headband added a beautiful contrast, creating a perfect bridal look.
Entire look is breathtaking. Her short bob of golden ringlets are topped off magnificently with a pretty vintage-style lace and diamonte bridal cap with pearl drop earrings to finish off the entire look.

Accessories for Short Hair Brides

The key to making a short hair style look bridal is to add the perfect accessory. Hair accessories are enjoying a huge boost in popularity for weddings at the moment, and as a result you can get almost anything ready made from uber-talented jewellery designers.
Birdcage veils are the perfect veil for those with short hair as they frame the face perfectly without adding too much weight. You could wear them without detail or add a vintage-style cap or a rhinestone slide to make it a more of a statement piece.  
Shorter haired brides can go for really alternative headwear too, to add drama to their overall look. Pieces such as pillbox hats and bridal caps/Juliet caps create a beautiful vintage look, while floral hair pins, vines and headbands create a boho look. Embellished hair slides or headbands worn to the side give a modern and elegant feel to the overall style.