Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Choose a Right Wedding Dress for Her

Every woman dreams about a wedding. It is one of those days when the whole world seems to go round the bride. And on this big day the bride must feel herself a real queen. So, the questions arise: How to choose a wedding dress if they are all so fabulous?

What criteria should one use when selecting a wedding gown so that it flatters the figure and conceals the imperfections the bride may have? This is what we are going to speak about now.

Choosing the fabric and the color

Color is of utmost importance when we opt for a wedding dress. Those times when snowy white hue was the only possible choice for the bride have already passed.

Of course white will always be in fashion, besides, young brides look so much innocent wearing white. But there are other options as well now. For instance, all beige tones look great including ivory, champagne color, white coffee, condensed milk, tender peach, etc.

Besides, a wedding dress can be of tender gold, bright red, sky blue colors.

So, brunettes look nice wearing snowy white, whitish pink and silver hues. Blondes look gorgeous wearing golden-grey, apricot and blue-grey wedding gowns.

Dark-blonde brides are recommended to try milky, pinkish, greenish and violet-pink color palette.

As for red-haired women, they will look perfect wearing a cream-colored wedding dress.

Opt for the color that will not merge with your complexion or make you look fatter. And one more thing, your wedding dress should match the bridegroom’s suit.

Choosing the right fabric

Heavy materials, such as natural silk and velvet are no longer appropriate for making wedding gowns as the bride feels limited in physical movements. That is why my advice for you is to choose lighter fabrics, including chiffon, taffeta, artificial silk, satin and organza. They look fantastic and are comfortable to wear.