Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bridal whites from Jesper Hovring

Being from Denmark doesn’t necessarily mean that all things are Scandinavian in the clean, minimalist way. Danish designer Jesper Hovring brings intricacy to his gowns, a skill he no doubt picked up while working on theatre cosumtes and couture dresses alike. But despite the presence of detail in his spring 2012 collection – detail that leans to gentle lacework and appliques, occasionally bursting into tulle ruffles or gathers of fabric – there’s still a beautiful simplicity to each gown that hints at what the Danes do best. Things can certainly be detailed, without being over the top.
2012 Spring Wedding
2012 Spring Wedding
2012 Spring Wedding
2012 Spring Wedding
2012 Spring Wedding

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 Trendy Looks for 2012 Spring and Summer Wedding Dresses

For the glamorous brides walking down the aisle during the spring and summer season, planning ahead is always a good idea when choosing the perfect gown. This season wedding dresses are more modern than ever, and there are quite a few new looks guaranteed to take any groom’s breath away. So if you’re the type of bride who always wears the latest trends, look below to see what hot looks are in store for you this summer.

The Mermaid Silhouettes – Adored by celebrities on the red carpet, the perfect dress to show off your curvy figure.
mermaid wedding dresses

20′s Inspired Dresses – With the 20′s era being very popular in the fashion world, it’s no surprise that 20′s inspired wedding gowns would be popular as
20's inspired wedding dresses

Short and Sweet – The Little White Dress is becoming more mainstream and brides are loving the fact that they can show off their legs during any wedding event.
short wedding dresses

Dresses With High Slits – Another great trend that allows you to show off your sexy legs.
wedding dresses with high slits

Colored Gowns – From black hues, to red, and tans, the look of colored gowns is one hot trend that will instantly turn heads.
colored wedding dresses

Monday, August 20, 2012

Spring / Summer 2013 Bridal Gowns Trends

Wedding bells have already begun ringing for the 2013 wedding season, and the latest gown trends have been shown during the bridal fashion week. From extremely bold and vibrant bridal gowns, to peplum silhouettes, and amazing back details shown on gowns, look below to see the top trends for the 2012 wedding season.
2013 bridal dresses

Strong Back Details - Dresses showcasing exquisite back details is back for spring 2013, the trend was prevalent in last years designs and it’s making a strong return for next wedding season.
Strong Back Details bridal dress

Colored Gowns- For the past five wedding season, designers have tried to step away from classic all white gowns and move into color. This season more designers than ever used bold colors to create vibrant gowns. From red, to pink, blue, black and even printed variations. Are you bold enough to try a colored gown?
red wedding dresses

Mermaid Silhouettes – Designers once again favored the unique look of mermaid tail dresses.
mermaid wedding dresses

Peplum – For the truly fashionable bride, a new trend comes to us for spring 2013 the look of peplum wedding gowns. Show off your curves in this fashion forward style.
Peplum wedding dresses

Lace Details – lace is bigger than ever when it comes to wedding dresses this season, we can all thank Bella from Twilight and Kate Middleton for this trend.
lace wedding dress

Two–In-One-Gowns - Now more than ever, brides are realizing that they want two dresses for their special day. One for the ceremony, and one for their reception. Designers this season have created quite a few gowns that allow brides to detach and remove certain pieces so that they can have two dresses in one. This way you only have to have one dress, but you can create two different looks.
two in one bridal dresses

Thursday, August 16, 2012


If you are the type of bride who likes diversity in terms of fabric choice, style or design, then this collection is for you. J.Crew has designed this collection of dresses in such a way that they appear to be in the same colour palette, but in different fabric such as satin, taffeta, chiffon etc and styles to suit different body types and don't forget the lengths of the dresses as well. So if anyone in your train as a 'phobia' for short dresses, then I think they have an option, and if someone prefers a particular fabric to another, then they have an option too. But then again, it's your wedding, so who calls the shot? You do ofcourse, unless only you do not mind and you ain't a bridezilla.

These bridesmaid dresses also give you an idea of colour trends for spring 2013, and some sort of inspiration to the bridesmaids too! Colours like Navy blue dresses are a nice alternative to black, and For a late summer wedding, choose deep wine and burgundy shades for your maids. Quirky colourful shoes add a whimsical touch! Also, for that fresh springy feel, then use pastel shades with modern tailoring and sleek silhouettes, and if you don't feel threatened, let them wear white or ivory dresses for that Royal wedding effects. And finally, choosing different shades of the same colour is a really fun idea, and it’s a great way to ensure every girl gets a hue that flatters her skin tone. Bold blues are a wonderful option for the warmer weather.
2013 bridesmaid dresses
2013 bridesmaid dresses
2013 bridesmaid dresses
2013 bridesmaid dresses
bridesmaid dresses

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gowns For Vintage Weddings

Today we’re going vintage! We’re inspiring you rustic walls, faded colors, lace and ruffles, brooches and wavy hair. This inspirational shoot took place just north of us at Lemonia Grove, a beautiful 4.5 acre historic estate with an old wooden carriage house from the late 1800s. This spot was a great find with its own authenticity and beauty.
vintage wedding dress
vintage wedding dress

vintage wedding dress

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fashion: Spring 2013 Bridal Trends

Designers have been debuting their new Spring 2013 bridal lines  over the last few weeks and we’ve been enjoying checking them out.

The trends are anything but timid: fairytale-esque gowns, short & sassy skirts plus bold colors. These are just a few of the trends we picked up on. Would you red a tapered length dress? Or a bright red number on your big day?
2013 fashion bridal trend

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012 Fall / 2013 Winter Fashion Trends

Ready or not, fall will soon be knocking on our doors, and with fashion week behind us, we now have insight on what trends will be hot for the 2012 fall and 2013 winter season. With the hottest colors of the season being shades of pink, winter white, and gold it’s enough to bring out the girlie glamorous side in everyone. Look below to see the hottest trends for this fall season.

This Season’s Hottest Colors : Gold, Pink, Bold Hues, Blood Reds, and Winter Whites.

Shiny gold colors were favored in the form of sequins, and  glittered sheen this season and could be seen in the form of dresses, and accents on lavish jackets.

If you love pink, you’ll love it even more this season. From shades of baby soft pink hues to bolder fuschia variations.

Think vampires when it comes to red hues this season, blood themed hues ruled the runway in the form of winter outwear, dresses, sweaters and skirts.

If blood red isn’t your hue, try some of this season’s winter whites.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wedding Dress Trends for 2012--Part 2

The Trend: Blush
Wearing a wedding gown in a non-white or ivory hue was, until recently, considered a pretty radical move. Then, a few seasons ago, we began seeing subtle pops of color—from the faintest hint of silver or lilac to bright lettuce green—but color was still the exception rather than the rule. This season, however, blush and pink shades appeared on dozens of runways, marking its official debut as an expected—not quirky—wedding gown hue. Perhaps this has something to do with Reese Witherspoon's blush Monique Lhuillier wedding gown. If Reese, a paean to traditional, conservative dressing, chooses pink, it's clearly time to give it a try.
The Trend: Lace Sleeves
Since April bridal market fell just a few weeks before the Royal Wedding, several designers were inspired by Kate Middleton and what she might wear. For a great majority, this meant lace sleeves—a sleeker, more contemporary version of the voluminous sleeves that engulfed the young Princess Diana so many years ago. Turns out the recently dubbed Duchess of Cambridge did end up wearing lace sleeves to her wedding, and it's only a matter of time before this regal look catches on in a big way. We can't wait.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding Dress Trends for 2012--Part 1

Illusion Necklines
We saw lots of unique necklines this season, but "most spotted" goes to the illusion style, in which a sheer, delicate, and often embellished layer of fabric veils skin that would otherwise be exposed. (Think of illusion as "strapless, with coverage," noting its power to transform a sassy, "look at my boobs" situation into something soft, elegant, and romantic.)

The Trend: Two-Tiered Skirts
Last season in skirts, three-dimensional florals hit critical mass. This season, designers focused on hemlines, creating skirts with two distinct tiers. Call it an exaggerated form of the peplum detail from previous seasons, and this time, it's superflattering—the top tier is a genius way to camouflage wider hips.

The Trend: Horsehair Trim
Don't worry, animal rights activists, horsehair does not come from our equine friends; it's a synthetic fabric often used on the underskirts of gowns to create a cleaner shape and a crisper hemline. Continuing with the trend of turning dresses inside-out (see last season's corsets), designers are now exposing this underlay fabrication, either as a visible hemline treatment or a lavishly looped sash or bodice detail. It works to create incredible volume and dimension on ballgowns and also provides a unique, frothy-yet-modern textural element.