Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hair Accessories by Bijou Van Ness

Confession: we love hair accessories. If we could have our way, we would love to see every single bride with something fancy in their hair. So when Rehn, the master mind from Bijou Van Ness shared with us her latest bridal collection we  could not wait to share.

Impeccably fusing the romantics of 20th century fashion in Europe with the distinct style that marked the beginning of Hollywood’s infamous glamour, Bijou Van Ness embodies just that in each and every uniquely designed hat. You have to see the entire bridal collection here.

Founder, Rehn Dudukgian, who currently resides in the heart of Hollywood, but has lived everywhere from Paris to Singapore, designs each hat by hand with pure silks, fine crystals, and vintage brooches. These are one-of-a-kind materials that have been imported from all over the world. With Rehn being inspired not only by her travels, but by her acute sense for the idiosyncrasies encompassing each and every era of fashion. They are pretty amazing are not they?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2013 Vera Wang Spring Bridal Collection

Vera Wang bridal dress

We are the first to admit that we love Vera Wang, her dresses are utterly amazing and whatever she makes is breathtaking gorgeous. Before you freak out and say I would never wear a red dress to my wedding, we want you to know that anything you see here is available in a traditional white or ivory.

All of your favorite Vera elements can be seen in this collection the rose-tulled skirts, décolletage overlays and details galore. The Vera Wang Spring Bridal Collection 2013 was inspired by the traditional Chinese wedding color palette and the celebration of love. Obviously the bold luxurious red hues are for the more darning bride. Would you wear a red wedding dress? We are dying to know. You can see the entire collection by clicking here. Do share with us what you think.

If you’re a New York area bride, listen up. The Vera Wang Spring 2013 bridal collection will be on preview at the her Madison Avenue bridal house, located at 991 Madison Avenue from April 19 thru 22nd. To make an appointment call 212-628-3400.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Questions to Ask when Buying a Wedding Dress

You could race headlong into a bridal shop but chances are you'll only end up tired and frustrated. Before going anywhere, figure out the basics. Decide in which month you are marrying, the time of day, and the overall style of your celebration. Then, when you've got that sorted, keep in mind the following questions to ask when shopping for your wedding dress as you go along.

Questions to Ask when Shopping for a Wedding Dress

1. Have I a rough idea of how much I can spend on my wedding dress and accessories?

2. Does the bridal shop have an "appointment only" policy or can I walk in off the street and look at dresses?

3. Will I ask my best friend, sister, mother or someone else to go with me to act as my safeguard against pushy sales clerks and to give me their honest opinion when I try on dresses?

4. Will the store have strapless bras, shoes and slips to try with dresses or should I bring my own?

5. Does the store sell accessories (e.g., shoes, veils, jewellery, lingerie)?

6. Having gone into a store, are the salespeople polite and helpful? Do I really want to give them my business? Are they willing to work within my price range or do they keep showing me dresses that cost more than I'm willing to spend?

7. Can I have contact with the same salesperson from the first day or will I be dealing with a different person each time I phone or go in for an appointment?

8. Do dress, veil, and accessory samples ever go on sale? If so, when?

9. Having narrowed the selection, which dress is the most comfortable? Can I raise my arms, sit comfortably, walk up the aisle without destroying the effect of the train? Will I be able to dance the night away or will there be problems? Can the train of the dress be bustled? Has the sales clerk shown me how to do this?

10. Can my mother buy her dress in the same shop? Can my bridesmaids? What happens if they live out of town and cannot get into the shop for a fitting?

11. If we buy several dresses from the same place will they give us a discount?

12. Do I have to pay a deposit for my dress? If so, how much and when? When is the final balance due? Does the store give me a receipt stating the details of my order (manufacturer's name, order number, style of dress, size, price, delivery date, cancellation or refund policy)?

13. Should I expect alteration fees? If so, how much and when is payment due?

14. After ordering my dress, how long will it take to arrive into the shop? Can I place a rush order, if needed? Will it cost more?

15. Will the shop notify me when the dress arrives? Have they taken my details (phone number, address, mobile number, e-mail address)?

16. After the dress arrives, when do I return for a fitting? Do I need to make an appointment? What if I've lost or gained weight? Should I bring my shoes, lingerie and slip with me? How many appointments will be required?

17. When I bring the dress home, what is the best way to store it before the wedding? Do I remove it from the garment bag, take out the stuffing, and put it in the wardrobe?

18. Can the bridal shop suggest a reliable wedding dress dry cleaner for cleaning and preserving my gown after the wedding?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Conscious Couture Wedding Gowns From Lindee Daniel

couture wedding dresses

We are so proud to share with you our next wedding dress designer Lindee Daniel. Specializing in creating a line of unique wedding gowns, with a a firm commitment to all things natural and giving back to the community. Lindee graciously donates 5 percent of her of annual sales toward severely at-risk youth in Los Angeles. What a wonderful feeling knowing that your wedding gown actually makes a difference in someone’s life. Her exquisite gowns feature exotic fabrics made of wild silks, which save millions of silk worms from being killed for use in this luxury fabric. She also uses organic cotton, safe non-toxic dyes and processes free of chemicals or synthetics and her collections are handmade in the United States.
From Lindee As a designer myself, and obsessive about all-things natural,  I have always felt that creating consciously in fashion is crucial and it ensures the environment, consumer health and the health of millions of people in the fashion workforce around the globe are protected and respected throughout the entire process. It’s not an easy task -for decades we have worked to build a complex production model that exploits both humans and our planet in the name of profit – and for fashion, profit has never been better. It’s a billion dollar industry with huge margins but also with carefully hidden horror stories that rarely meet the public eye.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 Bridal Collection

Venezuelan-born American designer Carolina Herrera wanted to create a gown for every personality in her Spring 2012 collection. Her traditional styles were given a twist with added block colour and unusual accents. The princess dress was a major theme throughout -we can definately see Kate Middleton wearing one of these when she gets married in two weeks time!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses by Claire Pettibone

These wedding dresses are for the bride who dreams of pure poetry in motion. All of these beauties are accented by Jade Rose Design hair pieces, which go perfectly with the gowns. Don’t you think? Enjoy these stunning dresses.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fashionable Bridal Headpieces For Beautiful Bride

How would our lovely brides have found all the wonderfully different wedding trends before the Internet? (Ah, the days where print ruled!). Your online wedding resource, has found another talented designer. Lo Boheme specializes in one of a kind and custom accessories for weddings (and other special events).

The Lo Boheme aesthetic is inspired by the details of eras past; whether it be French Bohemianism of the late 1800′s, the detailed lines of the Art Nouveau movement, or the glamor of Old Hollywood.  It is the delicate feminine sophistication from these times, coupled with Lo’s modern eye that produce unique yet wearable statement head pieces.

Lo Boheme sprung from Lo’s own wedding. In search of a unique personal gift for her nine bridesmaids, Lauren created one of a kind hairpieces made from vintage velvet flowers found in boarded up millinery warehouses in France and Germany. These types of creative personal touches flourished throughout Lo and Josh’s wedding. After rave reviews from guests and vendors, “Lo Boheme”  the company was born, although Lo, the little lady with a unique vision and Bohemian spirit had been designing and creating for years!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wedding Statement Necklaces!

Make a statement on your wedding day! I know many brides love statement necklaces but it can be intimidating to wear such a large piece of jewelry.  You may be worried you can’t pull off this look, but there are not many times in your life when you can wear as much jewelry as you want so why not try it!

There are so many styles of statement necklaces to choose from.  If you want a traditional look with a twist, try a pearl statement necklace!

If you can’t get enough bling, try a statement necklace with lots of sparkle!  A crystal and metallic statement necklace is the epitome of glamour.

And if you can’t decide between pearls and bling you can always find a necklace with both.

To make a bold statement on your wedding day, try a necklace with color!

You can even use your necklace for your “something blue”

Whatever your style you can find a statement necklace that works for you. If you still aren’t convinced it is the look for you on your wedding day don’t forget about your bridesmaids!  Statement necklaces also make great gifts for your girls!

Tell us what you think about wearing statement necklaces on your wedding day!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jennifer Rothwell Bridal Collection

After finding an amazing trim shop full of inspirational ideas on a trip to Paris, Jennifer Rothwell imagined up ‘the White Collection’ which is full of antique laces, metallic braids, silver studded silk, silk jersey and silk chiffon. They are the perfect bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses or to wear for any special occasion.

She describes her designs as timeless, elegant and inspired by vintage styles from the 1920s and 1930s. They include an amazing studded silk dress with a high neck band embossed with pearls and beautiful chiffon bow detailing, a studded v neck dress with a silver crotchet belt and an organza high collar coat.

“I wanted to create a collection for women who want something different, unique yet elegant and timeless. Each piece is unique and one of a kind,” says Jennifer.

With over 20 years experience in fashion, her advice to brides-to-be who are trying to find the ‘perfect’ dress is to buy something that you really love, made of beautiful fabrics to make you look fabulous and feel beautiful.

“Try to find something that you can re-wear to other events so that it is not confined to the closet after one day, a wedding dress should be a great investment piece,” she adds.

Jennifer believes that it is extremely important to buy Irish and support designers and teams of local manufactures.

“This in turn will help our economy to grow and lead us out of recession,” she says. “I'm extremely proud of the fact that my garments are made and manufactured here in Ireland.”

“People should consider buying Irish, but they should also really buy something that they love and that excels their expectations.”

At the moment, there is a very limited selection of Irish fabrics for her to use in her designs, but she would consider designing a collection in the future made of Irish fabrics.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Angelina Faccenda Bridal Collection

We came across this beautiful collection of wedding dresses by designer Angelina Faccenda.  She has created every style to choose from including classic strapless options, mermaid bodices, and ball gown skirts.  The feminine floral design is so delightful and the lace detail is absolutely gorgeous.  We love the sequins and the magnificent beading is exquisite on these gowns.  The graceful sleeve patterns generate a timeless and romantic notion that is moving.  Indulge your self with each of these bridal gowns courtesy of Belle the Magazine and discover your dream dress!