Thursday, December 13, 2012

Steal Their Style - How to Hold Emerald Green Inspired Wedding

Emerald green, white and black work beautifully together to create a chic take on an ‘Irish’ theme. Guinness is a brand synonymous with Ireland and would be a perfect way to bring the theme into your food and drink – who could say no to an individual steak and Guinness pie on a winter’s eve?

Our favourite way to bring some colour into your wedding wear is to start with that glistening rock on your left hand – and to make that rock an emerald one. We love a colourful engagement ring, especially an emerald engagement ring! Alternatively, you could go all Angelina Jolie and wear a pair of statement emerald earrings?!

A way to cut the budget for this theme is to use baby’s breath for floral decoration, in your centrepieces or as your bridesmaid’s bouquets. To add some character, think about having some DIY bunting similar to Brent and Christina’s green clover ‘Lucky in Love’banner.