Saturday, April 6, 2013

Makeup for Fashion Bridals

Hair, makeup and nail artists sprayed, lacquered, painted and glossed their way to beauty nirvana for the bridal collections. Here are some of the looks we loved and how you can achieve them. If you dare.

Katharine Polk’s bride might be wearing a pretty lace number, but make no mistake, she’s tough as nails. And while we’re on the subject of nails, let’s just say that these talons qualify as the most dangerously chic beauty look of the week.

“I created a look that was my take on a French manicure. It’s a fun detail that’s unexpected for a bride. The crystals in the nails represented the diamonds in a wedding ring. It’s just a touch of my quirky personality slipped into the show!” Polk shares.

A new, sharp architectural direction for Amsale’s collection was matched in strength by those bold beautiful lips so artfully applied by makeup artist Daniel Martin. Why so bold Daniel, we asked? He replied, “I love a bold lip for a bride because it breaks down the beauty standard of conventional bridal makeup and makes it more fashion.” Well said, sir!

One more thing we needed to know…how do you keep a color this smashing on your lips and not on everyone else’s? Martin suggested, “A great trick to retain lasting lip color is to apply concealer all over your lip before the lip color. The pigment grabs the concealer and stays on longer than if applied directly to the lip.”

Cool it. That’s quite literally the message we took away from the chilling and thrilling Rivini show. Proving that a look doesn’t stop with the dress, Vineris wanted, “Everything in this collection to feel like a snowflake on the ice…fragile and unique.”

Her ice-goddess philosophy carried through to her frosted makeup look with a bold, shimmery eye and a dusting of crushed shadows sprinkled in the hair line like freshly fallen snow.

Welcome to Claire Pettibone’s Technicolor dream world where you can break the beauty rules and pair electric turquoise eyes with shocking coral lips. And don’t forget your tutti-frutti floral wreath perched slightly akimbo. It’s not about perfection. It’s about personality!

Pettibone mused, “Colors of the sea and sky created quite a strong pop of color for the eyes, and then a vivid lip as well. Our genius makeup artist, Romero Jennings, made the lip in a matte pink, which looked like a rose petal! Given our 100,000 plus petals on the runway, why not have our lips add just a few more? A touch of shimmer to highlight the inner eyes and cheeks, tousled braided hair and lush floral wreaths complete our earth-goddess statement.”

Honestly, the girl can’t help it! Scarlett’s fresh-faced beauty is absolutely ravishing in her corseted sugarcoated pink ball gown. “I really wanted to capture a retro feel while maintaining a modern look. We used vintage photos of Balenciaga fashion shows from the fifties and Audrey Hepburn as inspiration for the hair and then we kept the makeup really fresh, young and dewy,” says Scarlett.


Hannant’s girls were coiffed in a good-girl gone chic kind of way. Hairstylist Edward Tricomi, who created the look, divulges the inspiration, “It’s Pippi Longstocking getting trashed in the garden. Translation? Goody-Two Shoes hair that is more abstract, artistic and slightly disheveled. Done by allowing pieces to naturally fall out of the style by roughing up the hair follicle to create a less done look.”

Turning tradition on its head is Vera Wang’s trademark. For Fall 2013 she turned her model’s heads into faux turbans, with the up-dos looking like they’ve been swept up into a wind tunnel. A very chic wind tunnel, mind you.