Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Long Hair Updos for Bridesmaid

Whilst it's easier to style long hair, it's important to choose a look that will match and blend with that of the bride. As I previously alluded to, right now, the big fashion tip is that curls are IN! Read any popular fashion magazine these days, and they are constantly tipping the natural look, with tumbling, big curls as the style that is going to be popular at weddings this year. To create these big, bouncing curls you can do it two different ways.

Firstly, you can use a large barreled curling iron:
1. Start by spraying your hair with a heat protection spray, then tie up two thirds of your hair.
2. Pick a section of hair about 3cm by 3cm and wrap the hair around the curling iron.
3. Hold for about 10-15 seconds, and then leave.
4. If this has not worked, wait for the iron to heat up even more, and try again.
5. Do your whole head with this method, and then cover with a light natural-looking hairspray to keep it in place.

Secondly, you can use large hot rollers:
1. Choose sections of hair about 3cm by 3cm to create the perfect look.
2. Work from the top downwards, curling the wet hair onto the rollers, and secure with a grip.
3. Wait until the hair is dried and then remove the rollers.
4. Set with a light shine hairspray

As you can tell, curls and waves are definitely hot right now thanks to celebrity influence, so why not incorporate this look into your bridesmaid hairstyle? Just make sure you solicit feedback from people you trust, practice doing your hair several weeks in advance, and coordinate with the bride every step of the way. Follow this advice and no matter what, you'll be good to go!