Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elegant bride, charming neck line A

Choosing the right wedding dress is the primary task for bride-to-be. The bridal gown, which well embodies the elegant bodyline, is the best decoration for the bride.

As the famous saying goes, details make the perfect. Showing the neck line is the detail which you cannot ignore.

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Strapless bridal gown is the classic style. The most prominent feature of strapless gown is that it completely shows the neck and shoulders of the bride. Girls who are not satisfied with her arms can consider the strapless A-line wedding dress, which can well moderate the proportion from top to bottom. 

photo from www.weddinginspirasi.com

Off-the- shoulder

If you have a sexy and beautiful collarbone, then choosing the off shoulder wedding dress! As off-the-shoulder style covers the shoulder of bride, it may not perfect for girls whose shoulders are wide. It is more suitable for thin girls with narrow shoulders.

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