Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special Table Number for Your Wedding

I am a big fan of DIY things. Today, I find a special way which can make the wedding unusual and eco-friendly. That is the DIY table number.

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This idea is not from mine. I just saw it from other’s website. But I made one by myself. Actually it is easy. But it is also a little dangerous when you make the small holes on the cans.

To make a tin table number can, we may need these materials: used tin cans, a drill, number or letter stencils, candles and spray paints.

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The first thing we should do is to clean the cans and remove the packages. Then you can spray any color you like on the cans.

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Waiting until the cans are dry. Then draw the number on the paper and stick the paper on the body of a can.

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Then you should start to drill the number. The holes are unnecessary to be perfect.

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In the end, you can put a trimmed paper inside your table can. The color of paper is optional.

The can will look beautiful and romantic when the candle is light up.

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