Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What’s Trending for the New Bridesmaids

While we all loved the movie Bridesmaids, we’re pretty sure most brides would prefer to keep those crazy scenarios out of real life. So, how do you satisfy all the personalities and tastes of your girls, while also making yourself happy?

“It’s all the rage and right on trend with the vintage look,” Vatana says. Lace has been on the runways for several seasons and continues to be a very strong trend. Keep in mind that while lace can look very delicate and romantic, lace can also be cut in a very graphic, modern way. If you aren’t necessarily the ‘sweet’ type, lace can work for you this season.

From mod-mini to at-the-knee lengths, short is long on chic, great “for a more upscale cocktail look,” advises Vatana. While we might suggest steering clear of ‘just under the bum styles’ and tailoring the length to the look of your leg, a short dress is fresh, youthful and ideal for summer weddings.

“Draped layers give a real ethereal mood,” Vatana shares. Coming off the Grecian trend that was so major several seasons ago, softly draped gowns add texture and interest to dresses that might otherwise be too plain. Draping that’s well thought-out and strategically placed can be extremely flattering and adds sophistication to soft chiffon and jersey fabrics.

This is a trend long in the making. Every bridesmaid has the option of highlighting their best features by picking a silhouette and neckline that suits them best. This gives the girls the freedom of choice for their dress.


Soft, neutral hues like pale nudes, greys and ivories can be super chic and definitely look new. “These shades give a soft focus feel,” says Vatana. Bucking the trend of bright colors, these pretty new palettes are soothing and sophisticated, just be sure that you take the time to choose the shade that flatters each girl’s skin tone.

Of all the trends right now, Vatana loves, “The fashion freedom that brides are giving their maids with dresses that are in the same fabric and color, but with styles that are perfect for each friend.” We second that notion and agree when she says, “I really think that in the end brides want their bridesmaids to look and feel as great as the bride on the wedding day. Happy friends make beautiful pictures and memories.” And that’s really what it’s all about!