Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spring 2013 Bridal Hair Accessories Collection

You just can’t be a real fashionista, if you are going into Spring 2013 without Jennifer Behr hair accessories collection! Here are some intriguing and charming hair accessories to make you simply stunning, so let’s check it out!

Jennifer Behr, who started in 2005 to make her own brand is now about to release the new exciting hair accessories collection, now she sets the tone for accessorizing. The new hair accessories collection is very versatile, as it offers both funky and feminine pieces, to delicate hair embellishments that will definately mark your whole outlook.

Just look at these pieces, the faces look so serene, and this not a mistake, as mentioned by Jennifer Behr, the perfect girl is was revealed in a long search:

“We did a really interesting project last year and ended up polling a broad range of people we work with – stylists, editors, buyers and friends – and the words that kept coming up were: independent, strong, and sophisticated. Even though many of our pieces are quite delicate, it can take some chutzpah to put something on your head. So our customers can range across all sorts of demographic groups but they are all beautiful, creative women that are hunting for fashion that is very current but utterly timeless and unique at the same time.”

However, the efforts paid off, since the brand is associated with such sparkling start as Rachel Bilson, Charlize Theron, Helena Christensen, Alexa Chung, Hilary Duff, the Fanning sisters, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, shall we continue?

Having this much of fame in these circles, it no wonder that the hair pieces are such an joy to the eye! And if you clueless on what inspires Jennifer to be so devoted and produce such stylish hair accessories, here is her answer:

“Because I fell in love with making things, and every season I love designing new pieces and then seeing them out and about in the world.Headpieces have such a rich and amazing history – they have always been worn by eccentrics, queens, and tribal warriors – and it’s so exciting to make them for the modern world.”

So, if you are in search of a best hair accessory, you definatelly need to check out this stunning spring collection!